Guide to the best tricks for slot machines in 2023

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the best slots tricks and other tips and tricks to win at online slots. Here we separate the unrealistic, utopian tricks from the 100% effective slots tricks so you can get the most out of the games and learn how to win at slots.

Is it possible to outwit slot machines with cheats?

It is clear that the big prizes of the slots included in the top online slots casinos are very attractive, and some users want to cheat the slot machines with tricks and thus obtain a greater profit.

However, we must warn you that there are no real tricks for slot machines, nor in the international gambling market, that are effective and that work as you were imagining. Actually, the tricks to win in online slots are a myth, also in mobile slots, since these games have a random number generator in all its variants.

Our page is fully informative and we do not promote any type of unfair practice. What we do seek is to provide you with tools to identify fraud and we promote responsible gambling. You can follow our slots tips and tricks to get the most out of the best slots casinos below.

Practical slot machine tricks that will allow you to win

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In addition to scam attempts, there are numerous online slot tricks that can help you win when you play them. Most of them are inaccurate, do not really work or are completely false, and only a few are really useful. Here you will find, in addition to the most common slot machine tips and tricks, warnings about its effectiveness and use. This selection is not yet final, as over time we will gradually add new recommendations and comments.

Increase the chances of winning with the number of lines

One of the most popular winning tricks suggests always activating all available paylines. By not doing so, you miss out on various bonus opportunities and your chances of winning are obviously lower. Is completely true? No.

On the one hand, for each line to be played, a bet must be placed, but not all the combinations generate sufficient profits to recover the total amount wagered, because while the best ones award prizes of 5, 10 or up to 25 times the amount, others only cover 1, 2 or 3 times the initial amount. The number of compositions does not directly affect the payout to be received, in case of winning the spin.

The total bet influences the amount of the payout

bet influence

The idea that the higher the number bet, the greater the chances of winning, has no sustainable arguments. The payout percentage applies to the overall game, based on the probability of the symbols appearing and the respective payouts generated. One of the few exceptions to this rule is the Mega Joker Slot (NetEnt), in which you have a choice between 1 and 10 coins.

With 10 of them, it is played with 99% probability, while with only 1, the percentage drops to 77%. Fortunately, it is possible to modify the value of the coins, so that you do not necessarily have to participate for the maximum bet. Other slots have different rates, usually between 85% (the worst) and 98-99% (the best).

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