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The options that you can find to set a forecast in a bookmaker can be very varied and numerous. Because of that, some bets can be easier to win than others, and these can be very useful if you are just starting out in this world, and you are wondering how to win in sports betting.


Without a doubt, this type of bet should start our list since, in addition to being the most common in any sport, it is also a very easy to understand modality, in which you simply have to predict who will win a match, regardless of how the score is. .

In this type of bet, depending on the sport, you will only find two betting options, and in several cases, the tie will also be included. One point that makes this bet easier is that many times its result depends on the general streaks that the teams have in common.



In case the previous bet seemed easy enough, in this case you will have the chance to basically select two outcomes as possible hits, which undoubtedly multiplies your chances of winning with a forecast. In a common soccer bet, you would have to choose which team will be the winner of the match, or if it would be tied.

With a double chance bet, you could choose:

  • Team 1 victory, or tied game.
  • Team 2 victory, or tied game.
  • Team 1 win, or Team 2 win.


One of the trends that are most easily marked on the teams is the number of goals allowed and those scored, mainly when analyzing short periods, or the last games that have been played between teams, or in a league.

To give you a clear example, during the last 10 games played in the MX League, on 7 occasions both teams scored, while only on three occasions only one of the two was able to reach the opposite goal.

This same pattern was repeated in the case of the most recent day (number 9) that was played in LaLiga. During the last 10 games played, in 7 games both teams scored, and only three times, one of the two was left with zero goals. Clearly this is a factor that can change depending on the streaks and statistics presented by the teams and players, but without a doubt it is an important fact that must be taken into account.



Another bet that can be easy to determine is the ups and downs, a modality in which you must bet on the number of goals that will be scored during a match, also having the possibility of setting your forecast collectively, or to do it only by one of the two teams.

To give you a clear reference of how you can mark a trend of ups and downs, we will talk about the case of the Xolos of Tijuana. When analyzing their last 20 games, we can see that on 15 occasions two or more goals were scored during the match.

With these results we can determine that, with only five games with less than two goals, that is, with a total 25%, there is much more probability that, currently, the result of a game of any team against Tijuana, ends with a score in which more than two goals were scored.

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