New casinos – spanish license vs foreign license

spanish license

We have said a couple of times that each permit has its own requirements that new casinos must adhere to. However, they all assume the objective of protecting their player and defending their rights. Just like they guarantee that the casino respects the age limits between 18 and 45 years. While they promote responsible gambling and reasonable periods of time so as not to put your health in danger. Likewise, they are in charge of reviewing that new casinos maintain their activities within the legal framework. Those are the commonalities that most game licenses have.

In any case, there have always been differences between authorizations from abroad and from Spain. Especially at present due to the new reform, which we are going to talk about in another section. But for which, we could say that it makes the Spanish permit more strict than the rest for new casinos.

In the aspects where you can see the contrast between Spain and abroad is in the bonuses and new games. An example of this is that casinos that have permits from Curacao, Malta and Gibraltar have more games. Because their regulation allows them to have 3D or unusual games like Monopoly. While the Spanish have the traditional ones in their catalogs for a new casino: slots or roulette. Without leaving aside the card games that are poker, blackjack, baccarat and pontoon.

The same is the case with its live sections for new casinos. In the international ones, almost all the games are allowed to have their live version. So you can play poker with other people in the world and in real time. Unlike Spain, where the only live games are roulette and blackjack. Each permit affects new casinos in different ways.


foreign license

It is advised that you play in new online casinos that have permission from your country, so that you have legal support. This is very significant, because in case of having problems the government will be able to defend you. Therefore, if you are Spanish, the best option is to visit online casinos regulated by the DGOJ. That is, the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling in Spain, founded in 2011. Which is an extension of the nation’s Ministry of Finance.

Its mission is to make the online casino a safe place for you to have fun betting on it. That your data remain confidential and that your health is not risked with long betting times. Like your payments and withdrawals are executed efficiently and quickly. Along with the clear rules and conditions of the site, each of its games and sections. Therefore, not only the casinos need your approval, but also the providers and their games.

The DGOJ issued its first decree in 2011 and then carried out reforms in subsequent years for new casinos. Therefore, this year was no exception, since in December they published a new Royal Decree. Which began to apply on May 1, 2021 and modified all the bonuses that casinos offer.

A few years ago there was a reform that limited the amounts that could be given in bonuses with and without a deposit. However, this time the changes were made so that online casinos were not only famous for their bonuses. For that reason, it was decided to eliminate the welcome bonuses and create a 30-day trial period. During that time, they will not give you any bonuses or promotions during your first month at the new Spain online casinos.

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