How to win sports bets? Tricks and strategies

win sports bets

One of the big questions we ask ourselves when betting is how to win sports bets? And it is natural, nobody wants to lose their money because of a bad reading of a sporting event.

Remember that in the world of betting nothing is certain and there is no way to guarantee 100% success. Whoever offers you that is lying to you. However, it is possible to win by betting and here we will explain some strategies and tricks to win sports bets, so that you can earn some extra money.

Strategies and tricks for sports betting

Here are some formulas to win sports betting. They will help you when placing an online bet. However, remember that there are no infallible bets.


This is something you need to do from the beginning, never marry a single betting house, it is much better to distribute your bets in different places than to concentrate them in one, in this way what you lose in one you can replace it in another and play safe . Playing in the best online betting houses in Mexico will allow you to take advantage of the difference in the odds and put your money where it is most convenient.

In addition to this, if you are almost certain that a result will be given in a certain way, as often happens when we bet, it would be a good idea to make the same forecast on different pages, in order to take advantage of functions specific to each bookmaker, such as For example, the case of Bet365, which offers:

  • Creation of bets.
  • Closing bets.
  • Betting Edition.

Another point to take into account are the apps for your phone that the houses offer, which can give you much more flexibility when setting your forecasts, and it is a factor that can really impact your user experience and your earnings.



You have to investigate everything you can about the forecasts. There are times when people bet on a team just because of the name and not because of the current situation. Imagine that the superstar of the team was injured a day before the game, it will certainly make you rethink where to bet your money. Being aware of internal problems, disputes and injuries will make you rethink your predictions for the better.

To give an example of what losses due to injuries or expulsions can do to a team, let’s put the Copa MX final in context. Although Monterrey was the great favorite to win the trophy, and that’s how it happened, in the second leg of the final there was a tie that probably not many bettors expected.

It is very likely that what led Rayados to lower the level of their squad a little was the loss that occurred after the expulsion of Daniel Parra in the previous game, and the injuries that had already been generated to three key players: Aké Loba, Dorlan Pabon and Stefan Medina.


Additionally, keeping a statistical record of players and coaches is an infallible weapon when it comes to tricks to win in a bookmaker, if you notice that the player of a team has scored a large number of goals, it is likely that he will maintain his streak, especially you realize which rival brings defensive problems. The same happens with the defense or particular aspects. Review all this information and consider it when placing your bet.

Recently in the friendly match between Mexico and the Netherlands, there was a player who undoubtedly made the difference in favor of the Aztec team, and that was Jesús Manuel “Tecatito” Corona.

Tecatito had a great game as a winger, and despite not scoring the goal of the match, he played a fundamental role that was undoubtedly easy for professional bettors to deduce, since he has had a good run, and in the season 2019-2020 of the most important Portuguese soccer league, in which he plays, he won the title of best player. Undoubtedly, data like this helps you set better forecasts.



If statistical data is your quantitative factor, it is important that you also consider the qualitative factor of the sport, especially in marked trends. We are going to say that the leading team faces another with which it always loses. In this case it is important that you know this information and consider it when placing your bet. Remember that the mental factor also plays in sports and even the best teams have their weaknesses.

Let’s think for a moment about a match to be played between Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, beyond the individual statistical data that can be analyzed between players, injuries, expulsions, coaches, and more, there is a very relevant piece of information and that is that, of the In the last twenty matches played between these two teams, Barcelona have won twelve.

Taking that into account, it is much easier to deduce, without being an expert, that there is much more chance that this match will end in defeat for Atleti, or in a draw.


This strategy is extremely useful when making sports predictions. Betting on sports represents a constant commitment to learn as much as you can and sometimes running more than one league can be difficult. That is why we recommend that if you are an expert in baseball, you focus on betting on a league that you follow, for example, the MLB. If you are a fan of the NBA it may be a good idea to broaden your knowledge and bet on the NBA. You can also specialize in tournaments of any sport, Premier League, NFL, NHL, La Liga and many more.

When you focus on tracking a single sport, or even better, a single league, you will have much more time to study the data of the teams, players, and coaching staff, in order to set much more accurate forecasts.

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